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by Benad

The ANet Client SDK is a collection of functions given to simplify the development of clients to the ANet protocol.

Table of Contents


The goal of the ANet Client SDK is simplify to its maximum the development of ANet clients. It does so by giving several tools within a library.

Obviously, the number of functions implemented in the SDK will increase, based on suggestions given by the client developers. Extensive documentation and examples will be also be given with the SDK.

Implementation Notes


(1) Programs that will use static linking with the dynamic library from the ANet SDK must be distributed with a license that "permit modification of the work for the customer's own use and reverse engineering for debugging such modifications"[3]. What this means is that any part of the ANet project, including the SDK, cannot be patented in any way...

(2) This is something that is usually lacking in most open-source projects: they are so difficult to understand (or to simply interface another program with them) that while their code is "open", their logic is "closed". That's why I'm wasting... err...investing a lot of time writing the documentation.


About the references...

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