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by Benad

The Bandwidth Manager Module monitors the amount of data flowing in and out of the various connections and clusters.

Table of Contents


The Bandwidth Manager is used to gatter statistics about data bandwith. Only one Bandwidth Manager Module instance can exist in the ANet deamon.

Input and Output with the module is done through Inter-Module Communication[1]. Thus, it is up to the Bandwith Manager to define what kind of information is sent to and from itself. To have some kind of uniformity in the different implementations of the Bandwidth Manager, a very basic protocol will be defined in the first implementation of the Bandwidth Manager that will be bundled with the ANet deamon. The basic form will be version/data, both for input and output.

Typically, the Manager will group the statistics by the clusters. Since there can be a lot of overhead between AIPs[2] and the connection, the bandwidth overhead is computed in proportion (in percentage), not with actual values (in bytes). This can make it easier to the various modules to estimate the amount of data overhead that will be created with new data.


See the complete DTD for more information.

<!-- Bandwidth Manager Module -->
<!ELEMENT BandwidthManager EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST BandwidthManager %moduleName; %args; %security;>


About the references...

[1] Benad: "Run-Time Wrapper". Local link.
[2] Benad: "Cluster Group Modules". Local link.

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